Commercial Support

The commercial reporting unit within our organisation was established to advise businesses and institutions on all aspects of risk.

We realise that our clients require not only an immediate and detailed response to their corporate enquiries but also an accurate and up-to-date picture which is often not provided by today’s on-line searches.

Our Modus Operandi incorporates the following:-

Due Diligence:-

Corporate and project finance inevitably involves a degree of risk. This risk can be ameliorated by ensuring a full and thorough knowledge of potential recipient companies and their management.

Our corporate intelligence sector services clients both directly and indirectly, working with senior management and their solicitors as well as supporting agencies and advisors.

Our research will enable clients to understand their clients or proposed partners and will provide detailed knowledge of financial and trading history, a reputation – locally and by business sector, of senior management to track records and will give detail of any previous misfeasance.

This information is provided with a Full Reporting service on directors, partnerships, sole traders, and “prime movers”.

We aim to provide a reliable indication of a company’s financial standing thus helping our clients to make correct business decisions.

We provide research throughout the UK and worldwide.

  • Mergers
  • Acquisitions
  • Joint Ventures
  • Investments
  • Partnerships

Further Corporate Intelligence:-

Background Investigations

  • Licenses
  • Franchises
  • Pre-Promotion
  • Pre-Employment

Intellectual Property Protection Services

  • Patent, Trademark and Copyright Infringement
  • Employee Investigation
  • Counterfeit Goods
  • Product Diversion
  • Lease and Contract Violations
  • Parallel Trading Enquiries


  • Individuals, Firms and Companies
  • Asset Verification
  • Asset Location
  • Pre-Lease Screening

Competition Intelligence

  • Specific and Up-To-Date Information about Competing Businesses.

Pre Employment Vetting

Considering today’s high recruitment costs, it is crucial that the right employee is selected. It is recommended that the company’s in-house expertise is supplemented by independent checks including personal interviews with selected referees, past employers and even neighbours.

It is also import to screen employees selected for promotion; or those who may have become disaffected. A disgruntled employee today may leave tomorrow taking property or information that will serve your competitors.

In-depth screening cannot guarantee that this will not happen, but is can warn you of impending dangers. Prevention is always better than the cure.

Commercial and Private Property Letting Investigations

We provide an all encompassing service to commercial property owners, private Landlords and their agents.

Our Property Protection Services comprise of:-

  • A full vetting service on potential Tenants/ Lessees
  • The tracing of original covenant providers regardless of the time elapsed since the covenant was originally provided.
  • The tracing of missing commercial and private tenants.
  • We provide full reporting on all manner of unlawful commercial squatters.


International Insurance and Corporate Fraud Investigators

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