The impact of Covid-19 has sent shockwaves across the World.
Sadly, such disruption will undoubtedly give rise to a new wave of fraudulent activity, where opportunists will seek to capitalise on the crisis. Many people now find themselves out of employment and for some, raising a false claim may be viewed as a ‘quick fix’ solution to their downfall. We recognise that as an industry, we must plan for a spike in illegitimate claims and at Data Research Compliance Ltd, we are confident that our experience, systems and processes will lead the way in identifying and combating Covid-19 related fraud.

At Data Research Compliance Ltd, our resilience has enabled us to maintain business as usual and remain operating at full capacity, fulfilling all our commitments during these unsettling times. With our comprehensive business continuity plan in place, all staff have the ability to work remotely all the while it is, and has been necessary to do so. Rest assured that we remain on hand to assist with any of your fraud and investigation requirements. Please do get in touch if you have any instructions that you wish to discuss.

All of our agents are members of the ABI, and owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, the ABI has strict safety guidelines for all members to comply with whilst working. The safety of our agents, staff and clients is, of course, a priority, and we are confident that the guidelines in place will continue to keep everyone safe and not compromise our duties of work.

We will continue to operate in line with Government guidance.