Insurance Fraud Investigation

Insurance Fraud Investigation Services in the UK

The methodology of claims management in the insurance industry has not changed significantly over many years. It has honourably relied upon an assumed basic level of good faith on the part of the claimant, consistent with the “utmost good faith” of the Insurance contract.

The scale of insurance fraud, however, continues to rise – no doubt reflecting a decline in social values.

Amongst the consequences of undetected fraud are:-

  • Increased costs to the Insurer.
  • Increased premiums for the policyholder
  • Loss of competitive “edge” for the insurer.

Without further insurance fraud investigation across the UK it is becoming more apparent that insurance fraud can succeed undetected, which is a greater incentive to further attempts at insurance fraud.

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) estimates undetected general insurance claims fraud totals £2.1bn a year and adds around £50 to the annual cost of household insurances. Our insurance fraud investigation team have the knowledge, experience and dedication to prevent this from becoming a larger issue.

Fraud rests upon deceit, be it the concealment of material facts or the presentation of lies in place of facts. The uncovering of insurance fraud rests upon the gathering of data – facts and the informed systematic comparison and analysis of data.

Filtering out the exaggerated claim:-

All too often, this process begins only, if at all, when the claim has already run a costly course through internal administration and involvement of conventional external branches of the insurance industry. Even then, attention tends to focus narrowly upon the claim itself.

The “fine filter” through which the claim should pass in order to “filter out” fraud is:

  • Positioned a long a costly way down the line
  • Or is not fine enough
  • Or is not in place at all

Our experience in over 20 years of specialised insurance fraud investigation and intelligence gathering is that:

  • The “fraud filter” should be at the beginning of the line, so achieving savings of time and cost.
  • Investigation should include not only the claim, but also the claimant.

Insurance Fraud Investigation

Expert investigation of insurance claims arising from commercial, professional and personal policies is a speciality of our company.

Insurance fraud investigations are tailored to individual client requirements in all cases.

The services offered by our claims investigation division include;

Motor Insurance:-

  • Personal Injury
  • Dependency/ Fatal Accident Reporting
  • Accidents involving Minors
  • Contrived Theft
  • Contrived/staged and Induced Accidents
  • Motor Fraud Rings
  • Ghost Brokering
  • Non-existent Policyholder
  • Credit Hire and Storage Validation
  • Urgent Rip Tracing
  • Errant Policyholder Tracing
  • Liable Third Party Tracing/Status Reporting
  • Bogus Passenger
  • Urgent Witness Tracing
  • Policyholder and Third Party Interviewing
  • Locus Reporting
  • Hire and Storage Validation
  • Exaggerated Losses

Commercial Insurances:-

  • Industrial Accident
  • Product liability
  • Premises Liability
  • Vehicle Accident
  • Arson
  • Public Liability
  • Large Corporate Theft
  • Contrived Public Liability and Occupiers Liability

Professional Indemnity:-

  • Legal Malpractice
  • Valuation Claims
  • Medical Negligence/ misconduct

Public Liability

Contrived Public Liability and Occupiers

Travel Claims

Aviation and Marine:-

Our insurance fraud investigation service is eminently suitable for application in cases involving alleged loss of all or part of a cargo, whether by theft in the course of cargo handling or by loss or destruction of the aircraft or vessel.

Fraud Investigation:-

  • All product lines

A concise overview of the products listed above can be found in our corporate brochure.

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