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Private detectives and fraud investigators in the UK and Worldwide

Our private detectives offer our clients high calibre fraud investigation services which include: surveillance, due diligence, insurance claims, corporate intelligence, asset location, tracing ad infinitum. Although our fraud investigators are based in the UK, we operate on a truly worldwide scale bringing assignments in and providing information to all quarters of the globe.

Legal Investigations

We understand the unique and demanding needs of the legal profession like no-one else.


Our private detectives discreetly focus attention where it is needed.

Corporate Intelligence

Background investigations, diversion and non-compliance, competition intelligence gathering.


We have prospered upon the ethos of good business practice. Providing timely specialist assistance and advice is our commitment to you.

At Data Research Compliance Ltd we tailor our services to suit the needs of our clients. Our professional fraud investigators offer a personal and expert service to ensure our clients get what they need. Our UK headquarters is located in a secure building and we use top of the range computer services and communication equipment. Where surveillance is required our private detectives are equipped with ‘state of the art’ surveillance equipment.

Contact Data Research Compliance Ltd today on 01293 433 444 for all your investigation and surveillance needs.

International Insurance and Corporate Fraud Investigators

Registered Office: 13c Borers Arms Business Park, Borers Arms Road, Copthorne, West Sussex  RH10 3LH
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Directors: Christopher P Dewse, Nesrin Sak-Dewse
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Member of National Association of Fraud Investigators, World Investigators Network, The World Association of Detectives, The International Association if Autotheft Investigators, Insurance Fraud Investigators Group.
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