Motor Claims


We have been supporting major insurers and their legal teams for over 20 years.

Our dedicated team of motor insurance investigators are able to swiftly investigate and report upon all motoring matters from personal injury notifications to dependency claims arising from fatal accidents.

Fraud Specialists

Fraud within the insurance sector continues to pose a significant threat to the industry, and it is not just limited to motor fraud. Sadly, it is those that exploit the system that force insurance premiums higher for honest policyholders. In recent times, there has been huge investment in the industry to combat the levels of fraud and detect fraudulent activity before it slips through the net.

We recognise the need to continuously stay up-to-date with the latest fraud trends and methods of detection, to enable us to gather evidence to validate or disprove a claim.

Our Intelligence team are committed to providing bespoke packages to assist with detecting fraudulent claims and mitigating the financial loss that comes with them. Whether it is an opportunist or organised fraudulent claim, our findings will be submitted with any recommendations, within our intelligence-led report.

Our counter fraud analysts are well adept at investigating:


  • Policy Inception Fraud
  • Exaggerated claims
  • Staged, contrived and induced accidents
  • Phantom passenger claims
  • Organised fraud rings
  • Policyholder validation
  • RTC investigations
  • Personal injury claims
  • Motor policy investigations