Beneficiary enquiries


Data Research International Ltd are highly experienced when it comes to tracing beneficiaries and next of kin, whether they are in the UK or overseas.

We serve some of the UK’s largest Pension and Life companies providing a swift service to determine whether a client has moved address or has sadly passed away.

Using our advanced genealogy skillsets, our dedicated team are committed to dealing with matters of probate, finding beneficiaries and next of kin even when only limited information is available.

We are able to respond efficiently to your tracing requests. Upon the location of an individual, we will provide you with a full fixed fee report on the contact details for the next of kin. Where necessary, we will also provide supporting documentation (at cost) to prove the relationship between the parties.

All of our enquiries and activities comply with all relevant legislation and regulations.

Why are we contacting you?

With the assistance of our nationwide agents, we are able to locate a missing beneficiary no matter where their location – this also includes overseas.

It may be necessary for an agent to make contact with an individual believed to be a beneficiary. This will be to prove the relationship and to simply make them aware of the situation.

If you are contacted by us regarding a beneficiary claim, please be reassured that this is genuine. All our agents will be able to provide proof of ID.