About Us

Data Research Compliance Limited was formed to provide services specifically tailored to the insurance, financial and legal sectors bringing together in a single focused enterprise the various relevant skills and resources that have been developed elsewhere within The Data Research Group of Companies. These services were pioneered by us since our foundation in 1976. We have progressively developed the methods and skills that have provided professional support to the satisfaction of innumerable clients.

We also cater for the private sector dealing with all manner of enquiries whether it be matrimonial, the vetting of a potential partner (corporate or private), the screening of possible new neighbours, the determination of a loved ones lifestyle (students who study away from home), errant tenants, the tracing of lost family/ friends; infinitas.


Our Corporate Mission Statement

It is crucial to remain one step ahead of the fraudster and others who would undermine corporate or personal creditability.

We are mindful that our clients need to arm themselves with combative tools which demonstrate best practice and are ever evolving.

Our aim is to ensure the measures which we produce are cost effective and are tailor made to the clients exacting requirements.

We only provide ethically sourced intelligence.

If we don’t take care of the customer, someone else will.

International Insurance and Corporate Fraud Investigators

Registered Office: 13c Borers Arms Business Park, Borers Arms Road, Copthorne, West Sussex  RH10 3LH
Registered in the UK: 3753971

Directors: Christopher P Dewse, Nesrin Sak-Dewse
The company is regulated by the Office of Fair Trading and operates within Section 151 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994, and the Data Protection Act 1998
Member of National Association of Fraud Investigators, World Investigators Network, The World Association of Detectives, The International Association if Autotheft Investigators, Insurance Fraud Investigators Group.
Data Protection Reg No: Z4925148. VAT no: 724 7342 37

A Member of the Data Research Group of Companies