Pre-sue & Asset Reporting


Whether you are an insurer seeking the recovery of your outlay, or a solicitor needing to make an informed decision prior to costly legal proceedings, we have a solution for you.

Pre-sue Investigations

Also commonly known as a Status Enquiry or Means Investigation, the pre-sue reports compiled by our professional Investigators, play a crucial role in enabling our clients to establish a business or person’s current financial standing. With this information, clients can accurately decide whether the subject can meet repayments, or decide which method of enforcement is likely to be most effective.

Asset Reports

Prior to commencing litigation, it is vital that you are equipped with details of any assets held by a debtor to meet any judgement secured.
Our team have a proven track record in discreetly locating hidden assets and liabilities in a cost-effective and transparent manner. Utilising specialist intelligence systems and 20 years of experience, we provide these legal services on behalf of Legal Departments and Law Firms across the UK.


All our investigations are strictly conducted in line with the provisions laid down by the Data Protection Act and other legislation. Please get in touch to discuss how our strong capabilities can serve you.

Specialist intelligence systems coupled with 20 years of experience, allow us to seek and find the information you are looking for. We ensure that all costs are transparent. Where a more detailed approach is required to source the information needed, we will always be open with our pricing structure, offering solutions to suit every budget.