Claimant profiling


Data Research International Ltd have been producing Claimant Profiling reports on behalf of insurers and Law Firms for over 20 years. It is now regarded as one of our core services, proving an invaluable insight into the background and lifestyle of an individual. Our findings enable our clients to establish their exposure and minimise their risk.

Our highly experienced and trained Investigators have the means and expertise to look into the depths of an individual. We gather our intelligence via a combination of data sources and through deep web mining of open-source intelligence.

With the aim of confirming the true extent of a claimants allegation of injury or financial loss, our Claimant Profiling service will assist with any insurance claim whether there are suspicions of fraudulent activity or not. This service has also proved invaluable when there is a need to prove the continued existence of long-term claimants.

Our Process

Following instruction, our Investigators will begin their initial searches into the financial status of an individual as well as their lifestyle, residency status and asset identification.

Our team are experts in all areas of open-source intelligence, but in particular, locating social media profiles where others have been unable to.

In the event of a personal injury investigation, our reporting of an individual’s lifestyle pre- and post-accident can determine the legitimacy of the claim and can ultimately save insurers a lot of time and money.

Once all our findings are complete, a comprehensive intelligence report will be securely forwarded so a conclusion can be made by the insurer on how to progress the claim.

All of our investigations are carried out ethically and discreetly.